Shoreline Park Owls / by Walter Kitundu

I had always heard there were Burrowing Owls at Shoreline Park but only got to see them last week. Leaving the park I saw a bird fly to ground in the distance and it had the feel of a Mourning Dove landing, or a female Kestrel pouncing on a bug. In the fading light the view through the binoculars revealed a vigilant Burrowing Owl.

Apparently they live in the sand trap. Click on the image to see in better detail. You'll be able to pick out the female just beyond and to the left of the burrow. (if you go looking for them, please respect their space and don't approach the burrow)

Keeping an eye on the burrow and hunting the golf course from a perch which affords a commanding view. The little sentinel was a wonderful surprise. I'm going to keep an eye out for him next time I'm in the area.