The Making of a Mural (part 2) / by Walter Kitundu

Click for Part One Work continued on the mural... hearing protection and a dust mask were important given the hours and hours I spent with a jig saw in my hand.

The inlay for the Golden Gate Bridge comes together. Fitting it into the grass background was a trick and the bridge came apart into more pieces than I expected.

This was the most complicated single piece of the 150 inlaid parts in the mural.

Meanwhile the benches were coming along nicely. It was good to take a break from one part of the project by working on the others.

[vimeo w=590&h=391] Above, a video of me testing the benches. I found out that adding the resonators, the recesses for which took me two days to build, made the instruments deafening so I had to leave them out.

Another section of the background inlay coming together. It was nerve wracking cutting out the negatives because you just couldn't mistakes on a pieces which already had hours of work invested in them.

I started running out of room for the scraps generated by so much jig-sawing.