Berkeley Marina Redtail / by Walter Kitundu

I spent about an hour with a young Red-tailed Hawk along the road to the marina last week. So now you get a big fat post full of gratuitous hawk images.

First year birds spend more time hop-scotching around chasing down any movement in the grass below. Eventually they learn a few lessons, settle down, and become more efficient hunters.

Speeding through the skies in the hope that the next streetlight will provide a better vantage point.

Detecting movement on the ground, the hawk quickly closes in.

Wings and tail are held high when it smacks into the ground trying to grasp a gopher before it disappears below.

If you missed it the first time... try digging.

If I were to anthropomorphize, which I wouldn't, I'd say this bird is frustrated, but I'd never say that.

Off to try its luck elsewhere with a Berkeley resident giving chase.

Gazing at another streetlight as it ascends to try its luck again.

Eventually the Berkeley hills looming in the distance prove irresistible and the Redtail heeds the call.