Eagle Encounters / by Walter Kitundu

_DSC6277North of Seattle you'll find the fields and trees are lousy with Bald Eagles. They are a real treat in the SF Bay Area because of their relative rarity, but up north... well, they are still a treat, even in their multitude.

For this post in particular - click on any of the images to see a larger, more detailed version.

_DSC6348 A Bald Eagle in flight is a thing of fearsome beauty.

_DSC6356 At full stretch the wingspan is impressive.

_DSC6319 This screaming eagle shares its tree with a number of Mourning Doves.

_DSC6329 So I've heard all the talk about giant eagle nests but it is pretty cool to see one improbably perched in a tree with a tiny Bald Eagle taking a rest in it.