BIRD KNOWLEDGE is now available! / by Walter Kitundu

BIRD KNOWLEDGE: Little Life Lessons Learned from Birds is a photography-based e-book for the iPad. It is an eighty page collection of images and reflections on bird behavior.

BIRD KNOWLEDGE is available at the iTunes store for $14.99. Click here to purchase a copy.

There are wonderful contributions from Sharon Stiteler (Birdchick), Peter Pyle (author of the Identification Guide to North American Birds), Corey Finger (10,000 Birds), Lynn Schofield (Mercenary Ornithologist), Siobhan Ruck (artist and illustrator of the ID Guide to North American Birds Vol. II), and Keith Hansen (Birds of the Sierra Nevada, Their Natural History, Status and Distribution).


This is a heartfelt endeavor showcasing some of the more poignant moments from my bird encounters. I truly hope you enjoy it! Check out some sample pages below...

I learned that iTunes sells gift cards which makes Bird Knowledge a great digital stocking stuffer too.

There are also a few video clips in the book too. The image below is just a sample. You have to get the book to see the little owl do his thing. Thank you everyone!