Making PEFAs While the Sun Shines / by Walter Kitundu

I had 10 minutes free on this spring morning so I checked on a local Peregrine pair, wondering if they had returned this year. It was a grayish morning but I parked my car and ambled over to the place they are known to nest.

Within 2 minutes I'd located the female preening atop a building.

By four minutes I'd found the male stoic and nearly silhouetted on a nearby structure backed by clouds.

6 minutes in and I heard that familiar Peregrine cry and looked back to see the male stretch and take off in the direction of the female. The clock reads 9:20 am.

Within seconds the sun broke out from behind the clouds just as the male floated up and landed on the back of the waiting female. 

A few moments later he departed and flew back in my direction.

By the time 10 minutes had passed I was back in my car heading home and the sky was gray once more. My disposition was as sunny as it ever gets.

Keep looking up!