Acorn Woodpecker

Acorn on the Wing by Walter Kitundu

I love Acorn Woodpeckers. Maybe it's their clown-like raucous character or their striking plumage - whatever it is they always delight me. This female decided to hawk insects above my head for a few minutes and it was amazing to watch her pick nearly invisible bugs from the air.

Above, she has just snapped up a bug and is about to return to her perch.

It can be hard to detect their grace unless you slow them down or freeze a moment in time.

Yosemite Moments by Walter Kitundu

An Acorn Woodpecker in the drizzle, backed by the splendor of Yosemite Falls. A pregnant doe leads another deer through one of Yosemite's meadows.

A relaxed resident passes the time on a grey day.

This is what I've come to expect of Yosemite in June.

This Hermit Warbler was a brand new bird for me. It sat high in the tree singing "I'm a Hermit blah blah blah."

A White-headed Woodpecker returns home.

Black-headed Grosbeaks are wonderful, inquisitive birds. They sound like Robins turned up to 10.

This is the best look I've ever had of a Dipper. Turbo powered birds!

The obligatory Half Dome shot.