Canada Goose

This is NOT a Trash Bird by Walter Kitundu

They behave the way they behave because we behave the way we behave. Give me warm water and food close to home and my inclination to migrate fades too. Canada Geese are beautiful.

Redgannet dropped by unexpectedly and proved to me that people met on the internet are funny, knowledgable, generous, and a pleasure to be around. Hmmmmm, I wonder who else is out there on the internets. At any rate, It was a pleasure meeting the international phenom and fellow 10,000 Birds Beat Writer. He was on the scene and witnessed the splendor that is a Canada Goose bathing in morning sunlight.

Looks like fun. I know, I know... anthropomorphosization. But seriously, it looks like fun.

Stay strong CAGO... stay strong.