Crissy Field

Redtail in the Sunset by Walter Kitundu

The Park Service has cut down a lot of trees at Crissy Field that were once frequented by hunting hawks. Thankfully the few that remain have still got some hawk attracting properties. The other evening I saw a Red-tailed Hawk bank in the setting sunlight and land to survey the gopher strewn grass below. Above, it leaps into action when it spots something moving in distant taller grasses.

Tough hunting that evening sent the hawk towards the Golden Gate Bridge and out towards the Presidio, presumably to roost and try again in the morning.

Angry Birds by Walter Kitundu

Snowy Egrets can often be seen foraging together in scattered groups but there is inevitably some tension and competition. When an egret decides it has had enough it isn't shy about showing its displeasure.

The egret on the left was busy preening and looked up just in time to see the aggressor arriving.

Dancing over the water in a fit of rage.

The chase becomes relentless when the message doesn't seem to sink in.

Prepared for anything, it leaves its landing gear down, dragging its feet in the water preparing for a change of direction.

A Great Egret watches the chase unconcerned.

Leaving the scene in style.