Yosemite Moments by Walter Kitundu

An Acorn Woodpecker in the drizzle, backed by the splendor of Yosemite Falls. A pregnant doe leads another deer through one of Yosemite's meadows.

A relaxed resident passes the time on a grey day.

This is what I've come to expect of Yosemite in June.

This Hermit Warbler was a brand new bird for me. It sat high in the tree singing "I'm a Hermit blah blah blah."

A White-headed Woodpecker returns home.

Black-headed Grosbeaks are wonderful, inquisitive birds. They sound like Robins turned up to 10.

This is the best look I've ever had of a Dipper. Turbo powered birds!

The obligatory Half Dome shot.

Bolinas Moments by Walter Kitundu

This was the face that greeted me when I looked out the living room window yesterday morning. It was one of three fawns wandering around the yard.

Goldfinches have started visiting regularly and are delightful to watch.

Purple Finches were the first birds to arrive.

Pygmy Nuthatches always take their food to go.

Starlings are tireless when it comes to feeding their chicks.

This Bewick's Wren played cat and mouse with me near my front doorstep.

Doves seem to love the heat rising off the deck and are often found sunning themselves.