Grey Kestrel

Grey Kestrel by Walter Kitundu

The best thing about roaming around in a new land is seeing things that are brand new to you... like this dark grey beauty in the Serengeti. Any falcon is cause for an increase in heart rate but an unknown falcon always stops you in your tracks.

I have to give my Mom and friend props for being patient with me while we sat by the roadside watching a little grey bird in a distant tree. These pics were digiscoped from the back of our truck.

It looked back to keep tabs on a Lilac-breasted Roller nearby and then shifted forward as it prepared to depart.

Grey into gray. The kestrel dips into flight and flaps powerfully away. It's probably about the size of a Eurasian Kestrel (slightly bigger than the American model).

Well now it's a falcon that I know... and admittedly, I'd still stop in my tracks for another look at one. Great bird.