Yellow Weaver

Yellow Weaver Hunting by Walter Kitundu

A Yellow Weaver on the prowl. The caterpillar is there though I can barely see it even with the benefit of a frozen moment. But it didn't escape the gaze of the hunter.

Got it! Juicy and apparently delicious because it was consumed instantly.

Off to find another meal.

I think this is a Yellow Weaver but the range map in my guide was lacking. The bill seemed to fit the pink of the description with a dark line along the top ridge. No other Weavers seem to have this trait but I'm a rookie so feel free to tell me if you know what this bird actually is. It also has little dark areas just in front of and behind the eye... giving the eye a diamond shape. It may also have a more popular common name other than "yellow" which is a poor way to describe a group of birds as collectively yellow as weavers. Thanks for any insight.