Self Portrait with Extra Sensory Ability (after Cyrus Kabiru) by Walter Kitundu


Write a 1/2 page description of a sensory ability you would like to have. This could be anything from 360 vision to the ability to sense when people are sad. You might want to hear the heartbeats of small animals, know through smell when and where lightning will strike, or eat a hamburger and suddenly know what that cow knew. 

These abilities can be extra-sensory. They can be totally imagined and bizarre. 

Write about why you want to have this ability. What effect would it have on your daily life and how would it change your interactions with others? Would it make life better or become a burden and why? Where does it stack up on the gradient from selfish/self serving to selfless/save the world? Is it frivolous? Does it matter?


“...the lenses provide a new filter giving a fresh perspective onto the world that we live in transforming the wearer not only in appearance but in mind frame as well.” Cyrus Kabiru

We will build custom handmade glasses that represent these abilities. Using wire, string, bottlecaps, fabric, and other simple materials, we will construct the tools which will give us our stated abilities.

The devices can be frameworks to augment an ability you might have biologically, or they can provide you with that ability. Think about who you are, what you like, and put some personality into your piece.

Consider your imagined concerns to be legitimate problems to solve and build the parts you need. Let’s draw some inspiration from toddlers who are incredible when it comes to taking their imagination seriously. We are building a physical object, but the logic of its construction is partly imaginary.

The process of building will trigger new ideas. This is a great thing. If the materials suggest other pathways you may follow them. We will share our work at the end of class on Thursday.