Bolinas-Fairfax Road / by Walter Kitundu

Just a few images from the commute tonight. The highlight was a Red-tailed Hawk flying next to me through the trees during the descent to the lagoon. Bolinas Lagoon.

Taking a break at Alpine Lake.

The new tires are remarkably competent in the twisties which is a relief.

I think I finally have this bike dialed in. Tires, seat, suspension, lighting, heat controller, windscreen, steering damper, luggage, muffler, and a little hummingbird. It feels locked in, comfortable, and responsive. It is a custom fit and I'm incredibly grateful to have it. It saves me gas, let's me see miraculous things, notice shifts in the weather and topography, and generally feel connected and engaged.

It is a symbol of possibility and promise and I'm astonished at how much I care about this chunk of metal, plastic, fuel and rubber. It is an investment and it supports an ambition to see more of the world. I've been dealing with anxiety and panic since I lost my father a while back and this bike is a project that helps me heal and feel like things will be alright... like I'll find myself far from home in some remote place that holds only the wind and a fading light and no people, and somehow with no connection or chance of getting help I'll still be sustained and propelled by an understanding that the world can be benign and rich and enthralling, not just filled with harbingers of illness or reminders life's fragility.