Heidenau K60s swapped for TKC 80s / by Walter Kitundu

Decided to swap my Heidenau K60s for some TKC 80s in anticipation of some offroading next weekend. I'd never changed anything but a bike tire before so after studying a few videos I got out my tools and decided to go for it.

I made sure that I only used the tools I carry on the bike. That way I can be reasonably confident I'll be able to do this work when far afield. Getting the rear off the wheel was the biggest challenge. I ended up improvising with a short piece of plywood (which now I guess I'll have to pack) and eventually I got the tire off, swapped, and pumped up.

Looks brilliant and after a short test ride I can say it feels great too. Like it was built for the bike. Tomorrow I'll give it the first good run on asphalt. They aren't spectacular in the wet, but I'll just have to be more careful.

Next up was the front. This was the following day and I didn't get started until an hour before sunset.

This little jack was a nice way to get the weight off the front, though I realized that stones in my panniers would also do the trick.

Sadly, as I struggled to get the new tire on, I managed to pinch the tube and once the pump ran for 4 minutes with no increase in tire pressure, It was clear I had made a mess of it. Now it was getting dark, and I was still determined to finish the job, so I got a headlamp and considered the rest practice for getting a flat at night on some distant gravel road.

After busting my knuckles again and properly scratching up my rim, I plugged in the pump and was thrilled to see the numbers climb. 32 psi in the front... for now.

Got the front on after two hours and learned some good lessons in the process.