Heidenau K60

Scrubbing in the New Tire by Walter Kitundu

I went on a circuitous hundred mile meander over the hills and through the woods, down the coast and around the mountain today to get the new rear tire properly scrubbed in.

The light near the top of Mount Tamalpais was astounding as it scattered through the redwoods.

It's always interesting getting to know the feel of a new tire. In this case I had just changed the oil and done some chain maintenance so the bike felt like a different animal until it settled in. It was at once smoother because it shifts like silk after an oil change, and weirdly vibey because the new rubber has a distinctive tread that plays rhythms at low speeds.

Bolinas-Fairfax Road was its usual curvy-glorious-uninhabited self as it transported me to the coast. Then I ambled down Highway One, pacing the setting sun back to the bay, rising just in time to catch it as it descended golden over the coastal hills above Muir Woods.

It illuminated a west-facing outcropping of rock and revealed a perfect outdoor venue for shadow theatre,

The long weekend also gave me the chance to reassemble the bike's good luck charm which looked over me through Death Valley on the trip to and from the Overland Expo. (read the trip report HERE)

It was nice to put in some miles and I'm grateful for the weather which could have easily been grey and considerably colder. I'll give credit for that one to the bird on my tail.